What did he really say? Was it him?

The NBA has been in a lockout since July 1st and since going into a lockout there hasn’t been much word of what has been going on. Matter of fact there hasn’t been that much going on at all as both sides met just twice in July. However as the NBA season is approaching and deadlines have to be met the players and the owners have been working “overtime.”

Both sides met for five and a half hours on Wednesday and will meet again on Thursday but again nothing was really said.

“We agreed that we’re going to sit here for as many days as we can to see whether we can make progress, but we agreed not to characterize anything at all,” commissioner David Stern said.

That’s all the commissioner had to say after the five and a half hour meeting; just a couple words. Now there have been rumors by many different sources saying that there will be a season and there have been many rumors by other different sources that there won’t be a season. Believe what you want but that’s thing, no one really knows because the players and owners haven’t said anything…yet.

After the meeting ended on Wednesday New York Knicks guard Roger Mason Jr. an NBA Union representative tweeted “Looking like a season. How U.” Mason would later tweet about 30 minutes later, “Someone just hacked my account. I did not say its looking like a season!”

Now let’s be honest here, who would really hack Roger Mason’s Twitter account? No one would…because it’s just Roger Mason Jr. it’s not like he’s Kobe Bryant or something. Another thing is to; Mason wouldn’t have gotten his account back that fast after he found out that it was hacked.

Remember when Paul Pierce’s twitter was hacked? He didn’t get it back in 30 minutes, and that’s Paul Pierce. So this story doesn’t really fit. What really happened was, the meeting probably went really well and owners and players probably came to a bunch of agreements and then it ended. And Mason then posted his tweet out of joy, but then remembered that they weren’t supposed to talk about so therefore to make it look like he didn’t say it, he covered it up by saying that he was hacked.

Now it’s not the real story because no one knows what really happened only Mason does and what he said was that it was a hacker…which doesn’t seem believable but maybe for some odd reason it was…very doubtful but you never know.

So take “his” tweet in anyway; either from his story, my story, or anyway, but that’s what happened. There hasn’t been any news of the NBA reaching an agreement only that the talks are going good. They’ll go at it again on Thursday so keep a twitter tab open and constantly refresh just incase someone gets “hacked” again.