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Reggie Bush Or Daniel Thomas? Who Do You Choose?

Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas? A question that will soon be answered.

After rushing for 103 yards off of 15 carries on Sunday against the New York Giants, running back Reggie Bush looked like the Reggie Bush that the Miami Dolphins traded for.

Bush was acquired by the Dolphins during the off-season in a trade that sent DB/ST Jonathon Amaya and an undisclosed draft pick to the New Orleans Saints for the ownership of Bush. The Dolphins didn’t stop there as after they acquired Bush they immediately signed him to a two year deal worth $9.75 Million.

It was Bush fever in Miami as everyone was expecting a big season out of the 2006 first round draft pick, including his new head coach. Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano planned on making Bush the feature back of the Dolphins as he felt that Bush was well worthy of the role. “This is a player that can help you be less predictable and still carry the ball on first and second down,” Sparano told the Palm Beach Post. “I mean, the guy had a lot of carries in college.”

As for Bush he was excited and thrilled about the news, “It’s an opportunity I’ve wanted, and envisioned, as long as I’ve played football,” said Bush to the Palm Beach Post.

Well Bush would get that opportunity in week one against the New England Patriots. Bush would rush for 38 yards off of 11 carries and was rather useless. Though, he would make up for his bad game on the receiving end catching the ball nine times for 56 yards and a touchdown.

Bush would then lose the feature back role the next week after rookie running back; Daniel Thomas exploded rushing for 107 yards off of 18 carries. As for Bush he only rushed for 18 yards off of six carries and that was the reoccurring scene week in and week out as Thomas just kept performing.

Though, Bush would get a second chance on Sunday as Thomas was out with a hamstring injury that happened the week before. Bush would rush for 103 yards off of 15 carries in the replacement of Thomas showing his coaches, fans, and players the Bush that they asked for.

However looking over the game logs of both Bush and Thomas after the bye week, Bush’s numbers despite less carries have been a lot better. 71 yards off of 10 carries to Thomas’ 47 yards off of 15 carries in week six, and 42 yards off of 10 carries to Thomas’ 53 yards off of 19 carries in week seven. Then of course Bush’s 103 yards off of 15 carries in week eight.

So sitting at 0-7, dead last in the AFC East, dead last in the NFL, and with Thomas still nursing his hamstring back to health, the Miami Dolphins are faced with a question that they answered wrong in September; Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas?

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Carson Palmer To Start Sunday For The Oakland Raiders

Palmer to start come Sunday.

When quarterback Carson Palmer went to bed Monday night, he went to bed a Cincinnati Bengal soon to wake up a retired man. That was until Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. when he was awoken by text message, a text message that told him he was an Oakland Raider. The message told Palmer that he had to fly to Oakland to complete the trade and to become a Raider.

“I went to bed last night around 10:30, a retired football player and got a text message at 4 a.m. and was told to get on a plane to Oakland,” said Palmer. “It’s been a whirlwind. I understand what’s expected of me. I know what playing quarterback is about, and it’s about winning. I want to come in a contribute and do whatever I can to help this team.”

The other part of the deal that brought Palmer to Oakland from the very stingy Cincinnati Bengals was a 2012 first round pick and a 2013 conditional second round pick that could change to a first round pick if Oakland were to make it to the AFC title game in either this year or next year.

Now Palmer hasn’t been just sitting around this season just taking the year off; he’s been working…working hard with former teammate wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh as well as some high school players in Southern California.

It must have been hard enough, because on Wednesday the Oakland Raiders announced that Palmer would be their starter for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Opting to play Palmer before the bye week the Raiders didn’t want to wait any longer to use what they gave up for.

It’s been a crazy week for the Oakland Raiders and their fans as on Sunday they held their breath when quarterback Jason Campbell left the game with an undisclosed injury and then on Monday watched their season crumble when Campbell had to undergo season ending surgery. But then on Tuesday morning they would see day light as the Raiders awoke their fans with Carson Palmer and then on Wednesday they continued the good news with awarding Palmer the starting job.

“When this opportunity arose, we felt we could not let it pass and needed to take a step forward with the football team if we could,” said Head Coach Hue Jackson. “I think he’s one of the best and that’s why he’s on this football team now. I didn’t bring him here because he was just a guy sitting out there. I brought him here because I think he can help this team win a championship.”

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Arms Wide In Controversy: Debating Brad Wing’s Punt

Arms wide in controversy

It was fourth down and 15 for the LSU Tigers when Brad Wing the punter from Australia faked the punt and ran with it. Running strong down the sideline Wing put out his arms at the ten yard line for a brief second before bringing them back into score the touchdown. The crowd was ecstatic in Baton Rouge Wing leaped into the crowd.

Though the cheers wouldn’t last for long as a flag came down on the field; “Unsportsmanlike conduct 38 on the kicking team, taunting the 15 yard penalty will be enforced from the spot of the ball,” said the referee.

Then the boos came as the points were then taking down from the scoreboard and Brad Wing’s touchdown was now just a distant memory.

Some fans were in shock as they saw the six points taken down from the scoreboard with responses like how could they do that? What a harsh penalty?

Well the answer is they can. The NCAA states in Section 2 of the NCAA Rule Book, article 1, Unsportsmanlike Act (Celebration) that “If the penalty occurs before the play is dead, it is ruled a live ball foul and the penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul (Where the player’s feet are at the beginning of the act).”

So this eliminates all high stepping, back pedaling, and anything else along those lines. Which brings in the question of, where’s all the fun? In a game where emotion plays such a big role, this rule enforced by the NCAA this year really changes the game.

However looking at it from the NCAA’s point of view this rule makes sense, because any sort of touchdown dance or motion known as excessive celebration is enforced by the NCAA. The difference is that it doesn’t take away points; it just enforces a 15 yard penalty enforced on the kickoff.

So this new rule is okay…but to a certain extent; taking points of the scoreboard? That’s a bit harsh. Especially in Wing’s case, because all he did was raise his hands for about two yards before bringing them back down. Now if that’s really worth taking away six points from a kid who probably won’t score for the rest of his career, then that means something has to change, because what Wing did was not worth penalizing him of six points.

I wonder what’s next, no pumping the crowd up before a play? Then after that no cheering on the sidelines? Man, things aren’t looking that good for the NCAA after this one, should’ve just gave the kid his six points.

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The Philadelphia Eagles Are Flying…Just Not in the Right Direction

Fly Eagles Fly?

If the NFL gave the Super Bowl to the team that looked the best on paper then the Philadelphia Eagles would be the Champions. However lucky for the other 31 NFL teams that’s not how it works. In the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.” Apparently the Eagles don’t understand that as at 1-3 the so called “Dream Team” is still dreaming.

With only one win coming in week 1 against the St. Louis Rams, who if didn’t suffer three injuries to their three key players; Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola, and Steven Jackson the Rams, may just have won that game.

So at 1-3 and dead last in their division the Eagles, heading into Buffalo this week need make some changes…some serious ones. Let’s start with their defense. Supposed to be “unstoppable” and impossible to pass on, the Eagles have been just the opposite.

Now their pass defense hasn’t been that bad as they have allowed only 871 yards and 8 yards per pass in their first four games, that hasn’t been the problem…at least the big problem. What has been the “big problem” is their run defense. Allowing 5.3 yards per carry and 558 yards rushing, the Eagles ranked third to last in the NFL (beating out the Carolina Panthers and the St. Louis Rams) are one of the easiest teams to run the ball on.

With that in mind their pass defense which has been so so could be worse than what it really is. The only reason why we haven’t seen the answer yet is because their run defense is so bad that teams are running the ball more than passing it.

As far as their offense is concerned it’s been just great, just not great when Mike Kafka has been in the game; 16 throws, 11 completions, 107 yards and two interceptions. With Michael Vick in, the statistics were much better; 129 throws, 79 completions, 1,021 yards, six touch downs, and three interceptions. As far as the offense as a whole they rank fourth in the NFL trailing New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and the Carolina Panthers.

Next up is the Buffalo Bills, a team that has been red hot and is looking to make up for a loss in Cincinnati that they felt shouldn’t have happened. So to all you Eagle fans who booked your plane tickets to Lucas Oil Stadium for this years Super Bowl may want to re-plan or cancel them, because the way the Eagles are playing right now there’s no chance of seeing them in Indianapolis…unless their in the stands.

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