Elliot Williams a high rising rookie.

In a year of where the NBA’s All Star Slam Dunk Contest may be at its absolute worst, it just got even worse as New York Knicks guard, Iman Shumpert said that he will not be participating.

The reason for his absence was due to an injury that he suffered against the New Jersey Nets on Monday night.

As for his replacement, it will be Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans.

Evans a second year player out of Western Kentucky has played in 16 games this season for the Jazz averaging 1.7 points per game.

What a great person to add right?

No, absolutely not. I mean in a Dunk Contest which was looking like to be the worst contest of all time, the NBA had a second chance to “make things right” by finding a good replacement for Shumpert, however instead the best they could do was come up with Jeremy Evans a player that barely even plays.

Now it’s not like they couldn’t find anyone as I’m sure they could’ve found someone better, like Portland Trailblazers rookie guard, Elliot Williams for instance. A 6’5 guard who can jump out of the gym as after viewing a couple of his youtube videos, you’ll see why he should’ve been Shumpert’s replacement.

And just incase you didn’t believe me, Williams did want to be in the Slam Dunk Contest as he told CSNNW.com, “Hopefully there is a way I could get in, I would hope so,” Williams said. “Being in the dunk contest has always been something that I wanted to do as a kid. It’s out of my hands but hopefully I could get some consideration.”

Williams would even go onto add that he would be willing to make a highlight tape to get in as well.

“If it takes creating a Youtube video, I’ll do it. I know I’m not a big name so I may have to,” Williams said. “I got some tricks up my sleeve. I just need a shot.”

What more of a case do you need than that? A player begging to join a depleted dunk contest and a player that could possibly make this dunk contest at least watchable.

Though despite not being able to participate in this years dunk contest as for the 2012-13 Dunk Contest, he’s got my vote America, Elliot Williams for the 2012-13 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Here’s one of Williams’ dunks this season.

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