Mosley steps down.

Almost one month after losing to 21 year old Saúl Álvarez, after a unanimous decision, Shane Mosley, known to most as Sugar Shane has decided to retire.

“Good morning everybody. Just want to thank you for showing me so much love,” Mosley tweeted. “Had a great career and loved every moment of it, win, lose or draw.”

Mosley would later confirm to ESPN that he was indeed retiring and that his tweet wasn’t a joke or spam saying, “I’m going to leave it alone,” Mosley, told “I’m good. I’m going into the promotional world, I’m training my son [21-year-old amateur Shane Mosley Jr.]. It was a helluva career. I’m happy for all the great memories and all the great fighters that I fought. Now it’s time give back. I’m ready to train my son full-time now.”

Mosley will end his career at an overall record of 46 victories, 8 defeats and 1 draw. He knocked out 39 of his opponents.

“That’s life, that’s getting older,” Mosley said. “When you get older, you see what happens. You think you can do things. You see stuff that you think you can do, that you want to do, but you just can’t do it anymore.”

When Mosley lost the fight against Álvarez on May 5th he jokingly said after, “When the kids start to beat you up, you might have to start promoting.” Though, despite being 40 years old no one took what Mosley said seriously, however, Mosley did.

“My son is getting older. He’s 21 and after I fought ‘Canelo,’ I thought about that he was 21 and I thought I should spent more time training my son, getting the new generation ready,” said Mosley, who told ESPN that he will also spend time trying to get his Sugar Shane Promotions off the ground.

“I hope they remember me as a great fighter, a great person and somebody that cares about boxing,” Mosley said. “I hope they remember that I loved to fight. It’s been fun.”

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