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Dwight Howard Decides Not To Opt Out Of His Contract And He Puts It In Writing

Dwight Howard makes his decision, but what does it mean?

Since the NBA Lockout ended back in November the main news that headlined the NBA all the way up until now was where was Orlando Magic’s Center Dwight Howard going to go? Would he be traded? If so to where? And would he sign with that team that he would be traded too? Or would he instead decide to stay in Orlando and stick it out?

All those questions would have an answer as early Thursday; Howard would decide to stay in Orlando…at least for now.

Howard signed papers Thursday agreeing to waive the early termination option in his contract, guaranteeing that he will be with the Magic at the beginning of the 2012-13 season.

This news came as a shock to most as for the longest time Dwight Howard continuously kept emphasizing that he wanted out.

However on Thursday he felt completely different as the mood was that he wanted to stay.

“I’m glad this is finally over,” Howard said at the news conference to announce that he was staying in Orlando. “It’s not as easy as some people think. It’s been very hard. We’re talking a career-changing event. Most people don’t see that.”

Howard would go onto to continue saying, “I’m very loyal and I’ve always put loyalty above anything.”

The Orlando Magic are currently 28-16 and third in the Eastern Conference and are in a great spot to contend for a title this season. Though they just had to make sure that they had the right piece; Dwight Howard.

“They took a chance on me at 18. And what did I do? I gave them everything I had for eight years,” Howard said after the Spurs game. “Take a chance again. I go out every night and play hard. If I didn’t want to win, I would have dogged it. But that’s not who I am. And look where we are. We’re in a great position.”

Well with making Howard sign off on not being able to terminate his contract and forcing him to finish out his term with Orlando, the Magic now aren’t really taking a “chance” at all…at least not for now.

The Orlando Magic will host the 15-29 New Jersey Nets on Friday night where they will look to bounce back from a 122-111 loss suffered by the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night.

Though they may have Howard’s signature in writing for now, however if they can’t meet the expectation that Howard wants, which is a ring, then this so called “contract” may as well have been signed in pencil.

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Minnesota Timberwolves Derrick Williams Is Atop All Sports Headlines

Derrick Williams involved in trade rumors?

Minnesota Timberwolves Forward and former Arizona forward, Derrick Williams will be one of the four players taking part in the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest this year. As for his opponent they won’t be Los Angeles Clippers’ forward and defending dunk champion Blake Griffin, not Golden State Warriors’ guard Nate Robinson, or even Miami Heat’s forward LeBron James, who said over and over again that he would do it won’t be there either.

So who will be joining him? Well Houston Rockets forward Chase Budinger, New York Knicks’ guard Iman Shumpert, and lastly Indiana Pacers’ guard Paul George.

However, that’s not all the news that’s taking place with Derrick Williams as he’s being rumored to be traded. Yes, according to FOXSports.com’s  Chris Tomasson there are rumors of the Minnesota Timberwolves trying to get Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol in exchange of giving up rookie Derrick Williams.

Now I know….I know, you’re thinking what are they crazy?! Pau Gasol for Derrick Williams?! Yeah right. However, it seems less crazier then it seems as it may be possible.

The reason being of why this trade would go through and I’m not saying that it will is because the Orlando Magic who are looking to trade center Dwight Howard are looking for a good deal with young possible future talents involved. So that’s just it, rookie Derrick Williams drafted number 2 overall in the 2011 NBA Draft is a great piece to put in a Dwight Howard trade.

Though notice the word piece as the Orlando Magic or most likely any team in the NBA wouldn’t do that trade straight up. So, if the Lakers were to do this trade as is, Pau Gasol for Derrick Williams, they would want to make sure that they verbally agreed on a deal with Orlando. I just couldn’t imagine the Lakers doing this trade without Orlando agreeing that they wanted Derrick Williams before shipping away Pau Gasol.

So as of right now, it’s Derrick Williams for Pau Gasol, straight up. Also too, keep in mind All-Star weekend this year is in Orlando and Derrick Williams will be there in a familiar place that their super star has been in; the dunk contest.

Now while this is only at the step of a rumor as you all know this rumor can grow into a possibility and then into a likely and maybe into even a happening. So as of right now stay tuned as we’ll be keeping you updated.

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