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Peyton Manning Has A List And He’s Not Checking It Twice

He played 14 years for the Colts but now he'll be playing this season and for seasons to come somewhere else.

A day after having a joint press conference with Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay quarterback Peyton Manning who’s now a free agent wants to find a team. Though he has a couple requests; have a team selected within the next week, have that team be an AFC team, though he did say that he would be open to playing on an NFC team, and lastly make sure that the team he selects is the right fit.

However, despite making those requests, Manning may have to break some of them as he told a few media members outside in a parking lot in Miami that he doesn’t know who wants him.

“I have no idea who wants me, what team wants me, how this process works,” Manning said. “I don’t know if it’s like college recruiting where you go take visits. I mean, this is all so new to me.”

Though luckily for Manning he wouldn’t have to worry about if anyone was interested in him for too long as sources close to Manning’s representatives said that 12 teams have contacted Manning’s representatives already.

As for who those teams may be, the only ones that have become publicly known are the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks, the Washington Redskins, the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos, and the New York Jets.

As for the other five, they still aren’t known.

Though not only does Manning know who wants him, but he also knows who doesn’t want him as a couple teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys have come public as they both said that they will not pursue Manning.

“Probably not a direction we’re going to go,” said Browns General Manager Tom Heckert about pursuing Manning. “We will not go crazy in free agency.”

Sources have also said that despite showing interest in Manning the Washington Redskins will not be a destination for Manning as he’s not interested.

Though as it stands right now Manning has yet to make a decision on where he plans to go however, when that decision comes, former teammate wide receiver Reggie Wayne who’s also a free agent may be right behind him.

“It can definitely be dangerous,” Wayne told Michael Irvin in an interview about Manning and him playing in Miami together. “It can truly be dangerous, if they put us all together. The league might not want that, Mike. They might not want that. They might not want to see that. South Florida is already hot out here, baby, so you put us all together, it’ll be burning up.”

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Sources: Peyton Manning To Be Released

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts will part ways.

After months of wondering what the answer to the question of, will Peyton Manning be an Indianapolis Colt in 2012-13 has been answered. Sources close to the team have said that owner Jim Irsay informed the 14 year Colt and four time M.V.P. that the team will release him.

Not even longer than one month after Irsay told the media that Manning can be a Colt if he wants, Irsay going completely against what he said has decided to release him.

“We can work out the contract if he wants to come back,” Irsay said. “We want him to make the call. He’s earned that. We want him to have the chance of finishing his career here if that’s what he wants to do.”

Sources have also said that Irsay who was traveling with Manning to South Florida on Irsay’s private jet will tell the news at their press conference tomorrow.

The decision to pass on Manning doesn’t come as to much of a surprise as people have been prepared for this to happen for quite sometime now.

As a result to Manning being released the billboard that manningtomiami.com sponsored becomes a likely possibility now as Peyton Manning will have the opportunity to go to any team that wants him.

Though the question that comes up now is who wants Manning? Also too, is Manning healthy enough to play and last a whole season? Well according to Manning, yes he is.

As to where Manning will land, the New York Jets have hinted that the Miami Dolphins aren’t the only team that Manning could go to as one player on the team told the New York Daily News that, they need Manning.

“I want him in New York,” a disclosed Jets player said. “He needs to be a Jet.”

As for Jets head coach Rex Ryan he defend that disclosed player as he felt the same.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to coach,” Ryan told the Daily News. “I’m never going to have a regret. So whatever that means.”

“I think Mark does have a bright future,” Ryan said. “He’s our quarterback. And those are facts. I don’t care who the player is. If Tom Brady gets released, we’re going to look at Tom Brady…We’re going to look at every single guy out there.”

So will it be the Dolphins? Jets? Or someone else? Where ever Manning will stop, not even he knows.

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Reggie Bush Or Daniel Thomas? Who Do You Choose?

Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas? A question that will soon be answered.

After rushing for 103 yards off of 15 carries on Sunday against the New York Giants, running back Reggie Bush looked like the Reggie Bush that the Miami Dolphins traded for.

Bush was acquired by the Dolphins during the off-season in a trade that sent DB/ST Jonathon Amaya and an undisclosed draft pick to the New Orleans Saints for the ownership of Bush. The Dolphins didn’t stop there as after they acquired Bush they immediately signed him to a two year deal worth $9.75 Million.

It was Bush fever in Miami as everyone was expecting a big season out of the 2006 first round draft pick, including his new head coach. Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano planned on making Bush the feature back of the Dolphins as he felt that Bush was well worthy of the role. “This is a player that can help you be less predictable and still carry the ball on first and second down,” Sparano told the Palm Beach Post. “I mean, the guy had a lot of carries in college.”

As for Bush he was excited and thrilled about the news, “It’s an opportunity I’ve wanted, and envisioned, as long as I’ve played football,” said Bush to the Palm Beach Post.

Well Bush would get that opportunity in week one against the New England Patriots. Bush would rush for 38 yards off of 11 carries and was rather useless. Though, he would make up for his bad game on the receiving end catching the ball nine times for 56 yards and a touchdown.

Bush would then lose the feature back role the next week after rookie running back; Daniel Thomas exploded rushing for 107 yards off of 18 carries. As for Bush he only rushed for 18 yards off of six carries and that was the reoccurring scene week in and week out as Thomas just kept performing.

Though, Bush would get a second chance on Sunday as Thomas was out with a hamstring injury that happened the week before. Bush would rush for 103 yards off of 15 carries in the replacement of Thomas showing his coaches, fans, and players the Bush that they asked for.

However looking over the game logs of both Bush and Thomas after the bye week, Bush’s numbers despite less carries have been a lot better. 71 yards off of 10 carries to Thomas’ 47 yards off of 15 carries in week six, and 42 yards off of 10 carries to Thomas’ 53 yards off of 19 carries in week seven. Then of course Bush’s 103 yards off of 15 carries in week eight.

So sitting at 0-7, dead last in the AFC East, dead last in the NFL, and with Thomas still nursing his hamstring back to health, the Miami Dolphins are faced with a question that they answered wrong in September; Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas?

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