Fly Eagles Fly?

If the NFL gave the Super Bowl to the team that looked the best on paper then the Philadelphia Eagles would be the Champions. However lucky for the other 31 NFL teams that’s not how it works. In the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.” Apparently the Eagles don’t understand that as at 1-3 the so called “Dream Team” is still dreaming.

With only one win coming in week 1 against the St. Louis Rams, who if didn’t suffer three injuries to their three key players; Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola, and Steven Jackson the Rams, may just have won that game.

So at 1-3 and dead last in their division the Eagles, heading into Buffalo this week need make some changes…some serious ones. Let’s start with their defense. Supposed to be “unstoppable” and impossible to pass on, the Eagles have been just the opposite.

Now their pass defense hasn’t been that bad as they have allowed only 871 yards and 8 yards per pass in their first four games, that hasn’t been the problem…at least the big problem. What has been the “big problem” is their run defense. Allowing 5.3 yards per carry and 558 yards rushing, the Eagles ranked third to last in the NFL (beating out the Carolina Panthers and the St. Louis Rams) are one of the easiest teams to run the ball on.

With that in mind their pass defense which has been so so could be worse than what it really is. The only reason why we haven’t seen the answer yet is because their run defense is so bad that teams are running the ball more than passing it.

As far as their offense is concerned it’s been just great, just not great when Mike Kafka has been in the game; 16 throws, 11 completions, 107 yards and two interceptions. With Michael Vick in, the statistics were much better; 129 throws, 79 completions, 1,021 yards, six touch downs, and three interceptions. As far as the offense as a whole they rank fourth in the NFL trailing New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and the Carolina Panthers.

Next up is the Buffalo Bills, a team that has been red hot and is looking to make up for a loss in Cincinnati that they felt shouldn’t have happened. So to all you Eagle fans who booked your plane tickets to Lucas Oil Stadium for this years Super Bowl may want to re-plan or cancel them, because the way the Eagles are playing right now there’s no chance of seeing them in Indianapolis…unless their in the stands.

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