BCS Championship Game – Tide Roll

First half


On January 7, 2013 Alabama faced off against the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a highly anticipated matchup for the NCAA football National Championship.  In the first half, Alabama started out hot opening up a 28-0 lead.  It seemed apparent in the opening drive when Notre Dame overloaded the box at the 5-yard line that they misread the play Alabama was calling.  They assumed Alabama would rely on their all-star running back to punch it in after successfully running the ball on the previous play to set up a first down and goal situation.  However, in an unconventional play call, Alabama adapted to Notre Dame’s goal line defense, faked the run and found a wide open receiver in the back of the end-zone to complete McCarron’s first touchdown pass of the game.


Upon the first completed TD, Alabama appeared to have outsmarted Notre Dame. The theme continued for the rest of the first half.  For 30 minutes, Notre Dame seemed to be guessing on defense and found little success in shutting down the Tide.  Going into the second half, A.J. McCarron had already racked up 158 yards and 2 TDs (Lacy/Williams) on 12 completions, complimenting another 2 touchdowns converted in the running game by running backs Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon. 28 points later, a comeback by Notre Dame was unlikely.


Second Half


The Tide continued to roll entering the second half – striking first on an AJ McCarron pass to Amari Cooper for a 34-yard TD.  The lead was stretched to 35-0.  With 4:08 left in the third quarter, Notre Dame finally found the scoreboard on a 2-yard rush from Everett Golson.  The Tide scored again with 11:27 left in the 4th quarter, regaining a 35-point lead on another AJ McCarron pass to Amari Cooper, this time for 19 yards.  Notre Dame answered back on a Golson pass to Theo Riddick for 8 yards and a TD and with 7:51 left in the 4th quarter, the Tide led the Irish 42-14.


Summary Stats


With under three minutes left in the game, Alabama pulled starters from the game and Lacy was named the offensive MVP having racked up 140 yards on 20 rushing yards and 1 TD in addition to 17 reception yards and a TD on 2 catches.  T.J. Yeldon split carries with Lacy, finishing with one more carry than him (21) for a total of 108 rushing yards and 1 TD.  AJ McCarron completed 20 of 28 passes for 264 yards and 4 TDs.  Amari Cooper finished with 6 receptions for 105 yards and 2 TDs.


Although the Tide went on to win 42-14, Notre Dame reported a couple of notable statistics.  Namely, DaVaris Daniels, TJ Jones and Tyler Eifert racked up 266 reception yards on a combined 20 catches (split 6/7/6 for 115/90/61 respectively).  Quarterback, Golson, completed 21 of 36 passes for a total of 270 passing yards, 1 TD and 1 interception.


The Tide shut down Notre Dame’s running game, allowing just 32 rushing yards on 19 total rushes.  One of those rushes went for 20 yards, meaning the remaining 18 rushes mustered up a mere 12 additional yards.  This would have been the outstanding statistic and likely recognized as the difference maker if it weren’t overshadowed by the fact that Notre Dame’s defense was shredded by McCarron and company, thus leaving little doubt the Tide would have won regardless of whether the Fighting Irish had gotten their running game working.  This is the Tide’s third National Championship in 4 years and with this latest win, McCarron became the first quarterback in history to win back-to-back National Championships.  Three other quarterbacks had the opportunity since 2000 but none were successful in winning the second game.


Nerlens Noel And Shabazz Muhammad Select Their Schools, See Why They Selected The School That They Picked

Shabazz Muhammad (Left) and Nerlens Noel (Right) have selected their schools; see who they picked.

On a night where two of the top high school prospects from the class of 2012 made their decisions of where they wanted to play basketball next season, some schools who were hoping to land one of the top two prospects of 2012, walked away empty handed.

First it was number two of the class of 2012, Shabazz Muhammad to make his decision. Muhammad who was considering Duke, Kentucky, and UCLA selected the baby blue and gold Bruins making the University of California, Los Angeles a for sure title contender.

“It was down to Kentucky, Duke and UCLA and I chose to be a Bruin,” Muhammad said during a nationally televised appearance on ESPNU. “I’ll be at UCLA next year.”

Muhammad explained that his reasoning for picking the Bruins was that he felt most comfortable with their coaching staff as well as he was looking forward to the challenge of getting the Bruins back to where they’re usually at; the National Championship level.

“I just think it’s a challenge,” Muhammad said. “Knowing how bad they were these last two years, it’s a challenge to really get them back up to the top knowing they are the leaders in all-time championships with 11.”

After Muhammad shocked the viewers as it seemed like he was the for-sure pick for the University of Kentucky, number one prospect of the class of 2012, Center, Nerlens Noel was on the clock.

After being asked a few questions before the big one; where was he going next fall? Noel when finally asked the question, selected, Kentucky.

Here's what the Kentucky logo looked like on the back of Noel's head.

After thanking ESPN, his recruiters, and all of the coaches that he met, Noel dropped the famous line, “I’ll be taking my talents to” and then said, the University of…paused and turned around where the University of Kentucky logo was sketched out on the back of his head.

“It was the toughest decision of my entire life,” Noel said during a nationally televised appearance on ESPNU. “Georgetown and Syracuse are great programs.”

“Coach Cal recruited me real hard. He is a good person who cares about his players, he helps them reach their goals and the team’s goals,” Noel continued. “They play as a unit and are very unselfish. Also the fans were incredible on my visit. They are behind the program 100 percent.”

With still several top players from the class of 2012 still un-decided as of now, it was great to see the top two players of the class of 2012; Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad decide where they wanted to go and play basketball next fall.

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Frank Martin Out Of Kansas State? See Why It May Not Be Happening

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin out?

With just a little over a week after losing to the number one seeded, Syracuse Orange, the Kansas State Wildcats might be losing again, except this time, one of their own; head coach, Frank Martin.

Martin who’s been apart of the Wildcats since 2006, where he was an assistant coach under Bob Huggins and then eventually taking over the following season in 2007, has been with the University for six years. And during those five years at the head coaching position he lead the Wildcats to four NCAA Tournament appearances, one elite eight and an overall record of 117-54 (.684).

Not to mention that Martin brought to them many notable accomplishments such as, their first tournament appearance in 12 years in 2007-08, most wins in school history, 29 coming with that the highest seed in the NCAA tournament in the schools history, 2, and lastly countless amounts of other coaching awards.

Though according to Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star and the Wichita Eagle, Kansas State’s head coach Kevin Martin is headed to the University of South Carolina.

“Source close to Frank Martin just told me Martin has agreed in principle to become South Carolina’s coach. Press conference tomorrow,” said Robinett on his twitter account just moments ago.

While it’s still all un-official, as the reports are all just rumors as of now, Kevin Robinett of the Kansas City Star and of the Wichita Eagle is sticking with his story.

“News is traveling fast. Legit SC newspaper reporter says USC is expecting to hire Martin tomorrow. My sources tell me no done deal, but …,” Robinett posted on his twitter account this morning. “They have obviously gone pretty far down this road. Could depend on what kind of push K-State makes to keep him.”

Though Robinett is not the only one talking about head coach, Frank Martin as ESPN’s NCAA insider, Doug Gottlieb is as well.

Gottlieb however has confirmed that the two parties, the University of South Carolina and head coach Frank Martin are talking however; no deal has been made nor as a face to face meeting been in place, according to Gottlieb’s sources.

Gottlieb would also go onto add that he’s been told that there has been a lack of communication between athletic director John Currie and Martin, which could be making this “deal” or rumor evolve.

Now if Frank Martin were to leave Kansas State, then the two recruits who have already signed with the Wildcats, Center Robert Upshaw and Center Laimonas Chatkevicius would be aloud to select a different school.

No official word has been made yet by Martin or by either of the two Universities, South Carolina or Kansas State.

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Other Reports Are Wrong: Joe Paterno Is Still Alive

Joe Paterno is still alive

After being fired from Penn State in November former head coach Joe Paterno who was fired from allegations surrounding assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is now in what people close to him are calling serious condition.

“Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications,” the spokesman said Saturday. “His doctors have now characterized his status as serious. His family will have no comment on the situation and asks that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

Paterno is Division I Football’s all time Winningest coach and would’ve most likely have gotten a couple more if he wasn’t fired.

Paterno’s cancer diagnosis was discovered on November 18th, just nine days after being fired due to Sandusky’s sexual abuse charges. Since being notified of the cancer, Paterno has been getting treatment for the disease.

After hearing the news CBBSports.com would report that Joe Paterno had died, however Scott Paterno, Joe’s son, denied the reports saying, “CBS report is wrong – Dad is alive but in serious condition. We continue to ask for prayers and privacy during this time,’ Scott Paterno wrote on Twitter.

After hearing of the news from CBS, many people began posting facebook updates and twitter updates in the idea of saying rest in peace Joe Paterno, however they aren’t necessary as he’s still fighting.

CBSSports.com would later say that they got there information from Onward State, a Penn State blog. Onward State retracted its report, saying “We were confident when we ran with it, and are still trying to figure out where our process failed. We apologize sincerely for error.”

Onward State’s managing editor announced his resignation later on tonight.

Another one of Paterno’s sons, Jay Paterno, would tweet “I appreciate the support & prayers. Joe is continuing to fight.,” Jay Paterno wrote on his own Twitter account.

Since taking over Penn State 46 seasons ago, Joe Paterno won 409 games (The most in Division I Football history) two National Championships, three Big Ten Championships, as well as many other awards, and donated millions of dollars to Penn State University. However, his legacy will always, as for now be tarnished by the sexual abuse charges that his former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky performed.

As for if Joe Paterno is going to fight off his cancerous disease or of how much longer he has, there has been no word, however it has been confirmed that Joseph Vincent Paterno is still alive.

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Roll Tide: Alabama Defeats LSU And Wins The BCS National Championship

They did it, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the 2011-12 BCS National Champions.

Coming into tonight and even before tonight’s game, many said that the Alabama Crimson Tide didn’t deserve to be in the National Championship game and that they weren’t good enough as they already lost to LSU earlier in the season 9-6. Many said that this game wouldn’t be a high scoring game. Many said that Alabama would get pounded by the Tigers running game. Many said that Alabama wouldn’t win, but come around 11:30 Eastern Time, the Alabama Crimson Tide were the National Champions.

Defeating the LSU Tigers 21-0, Alabama not only proved that they were the best, but they proved that they could score and stop the Tigers running game as they held them to 39 total rushing yards, 92 total yards, and most importantly zero points.

The Tigers offense crossed the 50 yard line once; they had five first downs, and completed two third downs. They just got out played and they [LSU] looked the team that didn’t belong.

It was a game of field goals in the first half as Alabama lead 9-0 at halftime and it continued in the second half as Alabama hit two more field goals of 35 and 44 in the third quarter. However it wasn’t until the fourth quarter with less than five minutes remaining until the first touchdown was scored when running back Trent Richardson would score on a 34 yard touchdown.

Richardson’s touchdown would pretty much seal the game as the Tigers with 4:36 left on the clock, down by three scores, with only two timeouts were pretty much done as they would suffer their first loss of the season.

This win would mark Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban’s third National Championship and would mark history as Saban’s BCS Title win tonight would make him the only coach in the new BCS era to ever win three National Championships.

It was a game that many said that Oklahoma State should’ve been in, but it was it game that Alabama showed that they deserved to be in by winning 21-0 and shutting out the former number one team in the Nation. Two words…Roll Tide.

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Arms Wide In Controversy: Debating Brad Wing’s Punt

Arms wide in controversy

It was fourth down and 15 for the LSU Tigers when Brad Wing the punter from Australia faked the punt and ran with it. Running strong down the sideline Wing put out his arms at the ten yard line for a brief second before bringing them back into score the touchdown. The crowd was ecstatic in Baton Rouge Wing leaped into the crowd.

Though the cheers wouldn’t last for long as a flag came down on the field; “Unsportsmanlike conduct 38 on the kicking team, taunting the 15 yard penalty will be enforced from the spot of the ball,” said the referee.

Then the boos came as the points were then taking down from the scoreboard and Brad Wing’s touchdown was now just a distant memory.

Some fans were in shock as they saw the six points taken down from the scoreboard with responses like how could they do that? What a harsh penalty?

Well the answer is they can. The NCAA states in Section 2 of the NCAA Rule Book, article 1, Unsportsmanlike Act (Celebration) that “If the penalty occurs before the play is dead, it is ruled a live ball foul and the penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul (Where the player’s feet are at the beginning of the act).”

So this eliminates all high stepping, back pedaling, and anything else along those lines. Which brings in the question of, where’s all the fun? In a game where emotion plays such a big role, this rule enforced by the NCAA this year really changes the game.

However looking at it from the NCAA’s point of view this rule makes sense, because any sort of touchdown dance or motion known as excessive celebration is enforced by the NCAA. The difference is that it doesn’t take away points; it just enforces a 15 yard penalty enforced on the kickoff.

So this new rule is okay…but to a certain extent; taking points of the scoreboard? That’s a bit harsh. Especially in Wing’s case, because all he did was raise his hands for about two yards before bringing them back down. Now if that’s really worth taking away six points from a kid who probably won’t score for the rest of his career, then that means something has to change, because what Wing did was not worth penalizing him of six points.

I wonder what’s next, no pumping the crowd up before a play? Then after that no cheering on the sidelines? Man, things aren’t looking that good for the NCAA after this one, should’ve just gave the kid his six points.

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