No happy birthday song was needed for free agent wide receiver Randy Moss as the only gift that he wanted on his birthday Monday was an NFL team to play on.

“I wanna play football,” Moss said on UStream on Monday morning. “Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some things I had to adjust in my life.”

In 2010 Randy Moss had his worst season of his career as he bounced from team to team, playing with the New England Patriots for four games, then being acquired by the Minnesota Vikings, and then acquired by the Tennessee Titans where he remained there for the rest of the season. Moss caught just 28 passes that season for just 393 yards and five touchdowns.

Soon after the season ended Moss would retire to a career that many thought was over with 202 games, 954 receptions, 14,858 yards, 153 touchdowns, and many special moments.

However one year after sitting out, Randy Moss has decided to call it a come back and at age 35 as of Monday a lot of questions now come to the table.

Can Moss still play?

Will he be able to fit into a teams’ system?

Will his attitude get in the way?

All questions that were all answered by his former head colligate coach at Marshall, “It didn’t surprise me when he retired, and it doesn’t surprise me he wants to come back,” said Bob Pruett. “I think he can be a great player for whoever picks him up.”

Though that’s just one take and one opinion on Randy Moss and unfortunately for him, Pruett’s opinion doesn’t help him lock up a spot on an NFL roster.

However, I do too, have faith in the great Randy Moss that he can still play and as far as his attitude, I don’t see that as a concern either

“Faith, family, and football, that’s my M.O., bro,” Moss said. A “motto” that seems like a different Moss

Continuing with that, after listening to Moss’ comments about returning it seems, at least at the moment that he has changed as he seems wiser and more mature. Though is that enough to get him on an NFL roster? That I do not know.

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